It is not easy when you are the one left behind

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Check out this video

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class project created in collaboration with Logan Pennington

Free Culture “Property”

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The overall goal of this section of the book seems t try to explain the difference between taking an idea and taking property.  In Lessing’s mind taking and using someones idea is not the same as stealing and that some of the rule to prevent theft have become over zealous, over bearing, and unnecessary.  Lessing then presents four stories or incidence in history that depict what he his trying to explain starting with Shakespeare.  Though I follow Lessing’s argument through the short histories, I have a difficult time staying focused and understanding his explanation about Norms, Laws, Markets, and Architecture.  I understand that these aspects affect copyright and such but at the same time their relationship confuses me, or maybe it is just me.  But I felt a twinge of sadness as well as heard a ring of truth in his last statement of the section which was “The opportunity to create and transform becomes weakened in a world in which creation requires permission and creativity must check with a lawyer” (185).

Jacob and Paper rad

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instead of class today we went down to four diamonds at the sculpture studio and saw a presentation on paper rad.  The form and style of animation was really new to me and it took some time for me to adjust to it but once I did it was very interesting and I began to understand a lot of its dark humor.  It also brought into light the idea behind “Free Culture” a little better because thought Jacob and paper rad were taking animation and other works that were already in existence they were making it their own.  A new and separate entity.  All in all I was glad that we were given the time to explore and understand this style of animation.

Funny Quote from the Red Green Show

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“I want to talk to you middle age guys out there now.  I know this may be a little hard to take but I gotta say it any way.  When ya get to be as old as we are… I know its hot outside… but ya gotta stop going topless. Please for God’s sake wear a T-shirt at all times.  Ya I know, 20 years ago I didn’t look so bad either in nothin’ but shorts and a pair of running shoes, but even I’m given’ my neighbors a break now. I mean we use to look like hard wash boards. Now we look like sea cows.  Some of us have breasts and its scar’n the kids and confusing the babies.  And that’s a lot of hair to look at.  Strange clumps on the back and on the sides, com’n out the nose and the ears, and none on the head.  Its like you skin got too tired to hold your hair up that high.  So wear a shirt.   Okay. cuz when a shirt flaps, and wrinkles in the breeze it doesn’t look too bad.  When skin does that, its not pretty.  Remember I’m pull’n for ya, were all in this together.”

Black and White Guitar

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Visual Music and Sound

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Flame Distortion
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Learning more about photoshop